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Packaging and waste legislation

Packaging and waste legislation protects consumers and reduces the seafood industry's carbon footprint. Read our guidance on what applies to seafood.

Packaging is an important part of any seafood product. It protects the product from damage and contamination and is the first thing a consumer sees on the shelf. It's also important that seafood packaging doesn't produce unnecessary waste. Not only is this poor environmental practice, but it's also a waste of money and resources.

Plastic Packaging Tax guidance

We've created guidance on the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), which took effect from 1 April 2022. The PPT is targeted at non-recycled plastic packaging components manufactured within, or imported into, the UK. This includes Northern Ireland.

Access our guidance on the following link below. 

National packaging regulations in EU member states

We've created guidance for the seafood sector on national packaging regulations in EU member states, which UK businesses exporting to the affected countries may need to know about.

Access our guidance via the link below

Animal by-product legislation

Waste and by-product legislation deals not just with waste minimisation, but with the disposal of waste. Some forms of waste, particularly animal by-products, maybe only be disposed of in approved facilities.

Find out more about Animal by-product disposal at the link below.

More information about packaging and waste legislation can be found at the Gov UK website and the Environment Agency.

Further information

For further information and guidance, please contact:

Jack Simpson
Regulatory Affairs Advisor
07940 545 567