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    The Omega 3 Guide

    Information regarding Omega 3
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    FS39_01_10 Landings Declaration Ready Reckoner

    A new fact sheet Landing declaration ready reckoner includes a simple table to help fishermen calculate live weight from a known landing weight in 5kg increments.
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    Board Minutes - 22 November 2023

    Minutes from the Seafish Board meeting on 22 November 2023.
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    FS54 - February 2011 Weighing at Sea trials

    A revision to an EU Control Regulation came into effect on 1 January 2010. An important part of the new Regulation concerns recording of fish weights and the permitted margin of tolerance it now stipulates between the logbook estimate and the actual landings declaration. The regulation allows 10 per cent for all fish stocks, from a previous margin of 20 per cent, for vessels over 10 metres. This regulation puts additional pressure on skippers to make accurate onboard assessments to within the new 10 per cent margin to avoid possible prosecution. This fact sheet summarises the results of a Seafish trial to test different weighing scales used at sea to help fishermen in their initial live weight assessment. This fact sheet was revised in February 2011.
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    Scallop Portion Size Study Report

    In 2003 the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish) in partnership with the scallop industry commissioned a study to investigate the weight of a scallop portion, in and out of home, in key European markets. The main purpose of the study was to establish some pertinent features of the distribution of the weight of a scallop portion in regions of heavy scallop consumption.