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    China - Maximum Levels of Contaminants in Food

    National Food Safety Standard issued by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. This Standard stipulates the indicators of maximum levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, tin, nickel, chromium, nitrate, nitrite, benzo(a)pyrene, N-nitrosamines, polychlorinated biphenyls and 3-chloro-1,2 propanediol in foods. GB 2762-2012.
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    2016 Fish as Food review 

    An initial review focused on the UK consumption of seafood products. This report considers developments, implications and practical responses from industry and Seafish.
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    STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE (SOP) FOR OFFICIAL CONTROLS BY LOCAL AUTHORITY INSPECTORS ON Producers and Exporters of Live crabs for human consumption for export from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China

    Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for official controls by local authority inspectors on producers and exporters of live crabs for human consumption for export from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China.
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    A feasibility study of native oyster (Ostrea edulis) stock regeneration in the United Kingdom

    Throughout much of the UK, the native oyster remains in a severely depleted state in the wild, having suffered for two centuries with over-exploitation, pests, disease, pollution and harsh winters. The native oyster is a Biodiversity Action Plan Species. Native oyster beds can form a flourishing part of the ecosystem, with many associated species. A significant driver for restoration of native oyster beds should therefore be re-creating and conserving an ecological resource in order to re-establish a biotope that was once common and covered wide areas of the UK inshore seabed.
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    Literature Review of the effects of underwater sound vibration and electromagnetic fields on crustaceans

    This report reviews the impacts of underwater noise, vibration, and electro-magnetic fields generated by marine renewable energy devices on the behaviour, development and physiology of UK commercial crustacean species.
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    A review of the services provided by Seafish in relation to UK aquaculture industry

    This interim report is submitted to Seafish as part of the assignment titled ‘A review of the services provided by Seafish in relation to the UK aquaculture industry’. The preparation of this report represents Deliverable 3 of the assignment. The structure and content of the report is based on previous agreement between the contractor and the client as presented in the inception report. The contractors seek review, comments and approval from Seafish on this interim report.
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    Review of Fish Sustainability Information Schemes Final Report

    The benefits of sustainable fisheries and the need to mitigate the environmental impacts of fishing and aquaculture are increasingly in the public consciousness. Poorly implemented, government run, command and control management schemes have often failed to curb fishing effort, prevent overfishing and avoid environmental degradation. Alternative, market based approaches have shown promise and, among these, enabling informed consumer choice in seafood purchasing can generate strong motivation for improved catching and culture practices.