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What you need to know about TESS

The TESS website that points you to useful (and free) resources to help businesses address social responsibility challenges in seafood supply chains.

Tools for Ethical Seafood Sourcing (TESS) launched in March 2017 as a one-stop-resource-shop. It starts with an overview of the social issues impacting on the seafood supply chain.

Seafish recognised that with so many different sources of information available on ethical issues, which range from identifying issues through to international standards and ‘on the ground’ initiatives working on the issues, it can be challenging for seafood businesses to understand this complex landscape and then decide what they need to do to identify issues and make improvements. This is where TESS can help.

TESS charts a straight-forward business improvement cycle. All the featured resources (presented as interactive records) are linked to one of six steps in this cycle which has been designed to help systematically tackle issues in seafood supply chains. All the information is publicly available on external websites, so you are taken to the source of the information. The benefit of TESS is that it brings all these resources together in one place.

As well as following the six step approach there is a fully searchable database so that you can find all this information on initiatives, standards and organisations very simply.

Some key things to remember about TESS…

  • All the links are checked regularly to ensure they remain valid and up to date.
  • New content is added all the time, so please check back again in future.
  • Whilst TESS is not a risk assessment tool it does include details of the many risk assessment tools available.
  • Information is not associated with particular species or at fisheries level unless it is included in a particular report. Records are tagged with species where applicable.
  • Information is not rated or ranked, as what can be useful for one business may not be as useful to another. An indication of how the information is relevant to seafood businesses is included.


If you have any information you think would be useful to include on TESS please contact karen.green@seafish.co.uk