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Institute for Human Rights & Business (IHRB)

Institute for Human Rights & Business (IHRB)
The Institute for Human Rights & Business (IHRB) is the leading international think tank on business and human rights.

Founded in 2009, IHRB’s mission is to shape policy, advance practice and strengthen accountability in order to make respect for human rights part of everyday business.

IHRB Report: Responsible Recruitment – Remediating Worker-Paid Recruitment Fees. November 2017.

This report profiles six multi-national companies who have sought to address access to remedy by reimbursing workers found to have paid fees. Each of the remediation programmes vary in size and structure and have been shaped by the local contexts in which these companies operate. Together they have provided a form of remedy for thousands of workers amounting to millions of dollars in the last decade.

Roundtable report: ‘Human Rights in the Salmon Farming Industry’. 19 April 2020.

The report produced by DIHR, Rafto Foundation and IHRB discusses the main human rights issues with regard to the salmon farming and aquaculture feed industry in Norway and abroad, as well as challenges, good practices and ways forward, as shared through case studies and presentations by the participants of the Roundtable event.

IHRB publishes its top 10 Business and Human Rights Issues for 2021.

At number three is: Stranded at Sea - Resolving a Humanitarian Crisis. 2020 is culminating in a humanitarian crisis at sea, with over 400,000 seafarers ‘stranded’ aboard ships. Many have worked nine months straight, beyond their contracts end and unable to return home. A similar number of workers urgently need to join ships to replace them.

Significance for seafood businesses:

Not seafood-specific. There are a number of organisations that offer practical business support to help manage socially responsible business practices. There are also various tools and guidance notes available which are free to use which will help buyers manage their supply chain and make a more informed judgement on the risks they face when sourcing seafood.

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