ILO Programme. Good Labour Practices (GLP)

International Labour Organization
The ILO Good Labour Practices (GLP) programme addresses child labour and forced labour in the Thai fisheries industry.

The International Labour Organization is a specialist agency of the United Nations (UN). The Good Labour Practices (GLP) programme is a comprehensive fisheries industry improvement programme that combines establishment of industry labour guidelines with a supportive good labour practices training programme. Special attention is given to unacceptable forms of work such as child labour and forced labour. Resources are: Good Labour Practices (GLP) Guidelines For Primary Processing Workplaces in the Shrimp and Seafood Industry of Thailand; Good Labour Practices (GLP) Brochure; Good Labour Practices (GLP) Training and Capacity Building Programme Overview for Shrimp and Seafood Processing Sector in Thailand; Good Labour Practices (GLP) video.

Significance for seafood businesses: 

This is a seafood specific programme which addresses child labour and forced labour in the Thai fisheries industry to be aware of.

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