Geneva Declaration on Human Rights — Seafish

Geneva Declaration on Human Rights

Human Rights at Sea (HRAS)
Raising global awareness of the abuse of human rights at sea and to mobilise a concerted international effort to put an end to it.

The first version of the inaugural Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea was published by Human Rights at Sea in April 2019. It recognises established International Human Rights Law and International Maritime Law, highlights the applicable legal assumptions, and reflects the emerging development and customary use of the increased cross-over of the two bodies of law. The concept of human rights at sea rests on four fundamental principles:

  1. Human rights apply at sea to exactly the same degree and extent that they do on land.
  2. All persons at sea, without any distinction, enjoy human rights at sea.
  3. There are no maritime specific rules allowing derogation from human rights standards.
  4. All human rights established under treaty and customary international law must be respected at sea.

Significance for seafood businesses: 

Seafood-specific support for fishers. Useful for awareness as an initiative working to support the industry, and improve governance, safety and welfare within the global fishing industry.

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