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Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF)

Environmental Justice Foundation
UK- based non-profit organisation working internationally to protect the environment and defend human rights abuses and environmental degradation.

EJF use video, along with new technologies, to document threats to environmental security and human rights. They provide film and advocacy training to individuals and grassroots organisations in the global South, enabling them to document, expose, and create long-term solutions to environmental and human rights abuses.

EJF’s ten principles for global transparency in the fishing industry. November 2018. The EJF Charter for Transparency was launched in November 2018, a commitment to ensure seafood supply chains are free from illegal fishing and human rights abuse. The charter includes detailed recommendations retailers can use with suppliers to make sure no boat associated with illegal or unethical practices taints their supply chain. The recommendations include the use of traceability systems that allow fish to be tracked from net to plate, accompanied by necessary evidence showing it was caught legally and ethically, and backed by third-party audits. The charter calls on them to support the adoption of EJF’s ten principles for global transparency in the fishing industry.

EJF has produced numerous reports and videos. See the links below.

Significance for seafood businesses: 

Not seafood-specific, but do work in this sector. Useful for awareness as an organisation working to support the industry, and improve governance, safety and welfare within the global seafood industry.

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