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Apprise smartphone app

The Mekong Club
Apprise; a smartphone app helping NGOs & authorities identify potential victims of exploitation/trafficking during investigations & rescue operations.

Apprise offers different screening questionnaires in 14 languages, aimed at overcoming communications barrier and offering people in vulnerable situations a way to ask for assistance. Apprise is developed by the Mekong Club and the UN University Institute of Computing and Society and was piloted in Thailand. 

Apprise is a mobile app which seeks to provide a cost-efficient platform to interview those who may be trafficking victims — and to disrupt the often biased or unsafe measures by which many groups conduct interviews. The app, which will be free to use, has been designed with targeted question lists that address forced labour in the fishing industry and in manufacturing settings, as well as lists addressing sex trafficking and forced begging. An eight-question emergency list, meanwhile, provides a quicker way to pre-screen a potential victim without focusing on a particular setting. The power of the app is in the 14 languages the questions lists have now been translated into, including several dialects.

Significance for seafood businesses: 

Seafood specific. Provides a reporting mechanism for victims of abuse.

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