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Seafood Ethics Action Alliance

The Seafood Ethics Action Alliance brings businesses together to ensure seafood supply chains are ethical.

About the Seafood Ethics Action (SEA) Alliance 

The Seafood Ethics Action (SEA) Alliance is a pre-competitive collaboration of retailers and seafood businesses aiming to strengthen human rights due diligence carried out in the global seafood supply chain, and ensure respect for human rights. Members include many of the UK's major retailers and seafood businesses, alongside retail and industry trade bodies.

In May 2021, the SEA Alliance was awarded a grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation to support its work, increase industry leadership and encourage positive change in human rights issues across the seafood supply chains of UK companies. This funding created an opportunity for the SEA Alliance to support participating businesses to better understand human rights risks in fisheries. 

Seafish acts as the SEA Alliance's Secretariat, and has been closely involved in the initiative's development since 2018. Seafish is also the fiscal sponsor of the SEA Alliance. As the grantable entity, Seafish, on behalf of the SEA Alliance, has taken on the legal and fiscal responsibility for managing and spending the funding aligned with the purpose of the grant, and according to the budget submitted for the work by the SEA Alliance.

The SEA Alliance launched its own standalone website in July 2022. Follow the link below to the SEA Alliance website.


For further information about the SEA Alliance please contact:

Georgia Worrall Head of the Seafood Ethics Action Alliance

Karen Green Seafood Ethics Action Alliance Secretariat