Fishing gear

All gear has evolved to target particular species or groups of species.

Types of fishing gear

Our Gear Database offers a comprehensive go to resource for all information on gear technology and selectivity, best practice and training. Within the database, we have detailed the most commonly used types of fishing gear, which we have split into three categories:

Choosing the right gear for the job

The fishing methods and gear you choose to employ can make a huge difference to the quantity and quality of the fish you catch and sell. When selecting fishing methods, it's important to take into consideration species, environment, weather, and tides. At Seafish, we devote a generous portion of our resources into fishing gear and technology research in order to develop more efficient, effective and eco-friendly fishing gear for the benefit of the industry and the environment. Our Basic Fishing Gear Booklet can help you to choose the right gear for the job, or you can read more about bottom-trawling methods in our Seafish guide. Alternatively, view our page on fishing gear options. 

Best Practice Guidance for Assessing the Financial Performance of Fishing Gear

Our Best Practice Guidance for industry and scientist-led gear trials can help vessel owners to choose the right gear for their business

Gear training and guidance

Fishermen interested in undergoing extra training in the correct use of fishing gear may be interested in Trawl Gear Technology Training.