Responsible Sourcing

Seafish is committed to responsible sourcing throughout the supply chain.

One of Seafish's primary aims is to ensure a sustainable, socially responsible future for the UK seafood industry.

Our commitment involves protecting resources, fish stocks and ecosystems; supporting the development of sustainable marine aquaculture methods; facilitating well informed sourcing policies and promoting best environmental practice.

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Our Sourcing Initiatives

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Seafood Issues Groups

  • The Common Language Group
  • The Discard Action Group
  • The Seafood Ethics Common Language Group
  • The Skates and Rays Group
  • The Pelagic Industry Issues Group

CLG develops understanding on a range of important issues affecting the seafood supply chain.

Try our Aquaculture Web Profile Tool

The Seafish Aquaculture Profiles web tool offers profiles of farmed seafood that is most important to the UK market, and expands on our popular Aquaculture Responsible Sourcing Guides.

Conserving Fish Stocks

Responsibly sourced seafood lies at the heart of a sustainable 21st-century industry

In partnerships with the fishing and aquaculture industries we are involved in a number of important initiatives to protect fish stocks for future generations. We also monitor the progress of wider industry initiatives and key legislation relating to the protection of fish stocks. There are several key issues which have to be addressed if we are to ensure a continued supply of responsibly sourced seafood.

Data Limited Fisheries


Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

Landing Obligation

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