Spring 2021 Love Seafood campaign featuring UK species

We’ve teamed up with Defra to deliver additional Love Seafood marketing activity featuring species from UK waters.
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This spring we’re running a media-driven Love Seafood marketing campaignIt features fish and shellfish from UK waters which are traditionally exported to Europe or to hospitality. The campaign forms part of our drive to strengthen and build wider seafood category through Love Seafood consumer brand. 

The UK Government has provided support for a campaign featuring key UK species and we're partnering with Defra to deliver it. Campaign budget will be spent with support from Love Seafood agency partners and we are contributing staff resource for campaign management. 

Recipe photos - squid stir fry and clams with garlic
Love Seafood recipe photos - squid stir fry and clams with garlic

About the campaign 

The campaign launches in the first week of March with activity running for four weeks. We're targeting one of our existing Love Seafood audiences – mid-market families. 

This is a media-first campaign to achieve maximum reach and frequency with our target audience. Campaign content includes: 

  • National activity highlighting hero species – this includes recipes and health features  
  • Regional activity showcasing local seafood champions with prompts on how to buy locally caught species 

We’re also carrying out some bespoke research with YouGov and One Pulse. Pre-campaign research will be used to generate a baseline for evaluation and stats which can be used in media articles. Post-campaign research will help to evaluate success. 

The species featured in the campaign are: 

  • Nephrops / langoustines, crab, lobster 
  • Scallops, oysters, clams, mussels 
  • Squid, cuttlefish 
  • Turbot, plaice, sole 
  • Monkfish / angler fish 

We're featuring these species in content but not advertising them for sale. Key messages for the campaign centre around two existing Love Seafood objectives: 

  • Driving understanding of reasons to buy seafood – choice, convenience and balanced living 
  • Driving desire to eat more seafood, more often 

Help us boost the campaign reach

To help extend the campaign reach as widely as possible we’re asking seafood businesses across the UK to promote the campaign through your own consumer marketing channels. By working together we can all help to build the profile of seafood across the nation, and in the hearts and minds of UK consumers. 

So how can you get involved? Well, it’s as simple as: 

  1. Follow Love Seafood on social medialike our posts and share them on your channels. 
  2. Get Love Seafood content from our online asset bank and use them to create your own posts. 

Here are the links you need:  

Please note: you'll need an account to access content on our online asset bank. Once you’ve logged in look for the Love Seafood category. 

Recipe photos - crab linguine and calamari
Love Seafood recipe photos - crab linguine and calamari

How we’ll measure success 

The success measures for the campaign are: 

  • To achieve an uplift on positive perceptions of UK seafood amongst target audience by April 2021.  
  • To achieve an uplift on claimed propensity to purchase UK seafood. 
  • To raise general awareness of seafood caught in UK waters through combined channel reach.  

These metrics will be measured via pre and post campaign surveys and analytics/engagement metrics. 

While we are featuring certain species within the content of our campaign, goals relate to reach, perceptions and propensity to purchase rather than uplift in sales. 

Over time Love Seafood will feature many different species and product types as it seeks to change consumer perceptions and attitudes towards seafood. Our goal is to encourage people to want to eat more fish and shellfish. Changing attitudes and behaviour takes time,so Love Seafood has been built as a 20 year initiativeThis fits with the strategic approach for Love Seafood which has been approved by our board. 

Further information and contacts 

Further information about Love Seafood is available on our website from the links below. Check out the Love Seafood consumer brand page to find out how your business can engage with Love Seafood and get links to the latest news and updates. Look at the strategy and objectives page for more information on our plans, target audiences and goals. 

To get in touch with our Love Seafood team email loveseafood@seafish.co.uk.