Seafood Ethics Common Language Group Meeting

28 January 2020
The winter 2020 meeting of the Seafood Ethics Common Language Group will take place on Tuesday 28 January 2020 at Fishmongers’ Hall, London Bridge, London, EC4R 9EL.

The meeting will run from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

You have to register to attend this meeting – email Karen Green to confirm your attendance.

AM. Worker representation – worker voice and beyond.

  • The journey towards worker representation. Beverley Hall, Industrial Relations Adviser, ETI.
  • Lessons learned: Issara Inclusive Labour Monitoring and worker voice in the Thai seafood industry. Tim Pilch, Issara Institute.

Worker representation - moderated panel session.

The importance and purpose of worker voice; identifying best practice; creating an enabling environment for worker representation; and the challenges for the seafood sector/fishing industry?

  • Moderator: Louise Herring, Herring Consultancy.
  • Panellists: Nick Kightley, ETI; David Dickens, Fishermen’s Mission; Melanie Siggs, Global Seafood Assurance; Two more TBC.

PM. The role of certification and assurance

  • The emerging landscape of supply chain assurance schemes. Melanie Siggs, Global Seafood Assurance.
  • Driving Social Responsibility At Sea: Benchmarking the AENOR ‘Atún de Pesca Responsible (APR) Standard’/ Monterey Framework for Socially Responsible Seafood.
    Dr Julio Morón, OPAGAC
  • How BAP social and labour standards are being applied and implemented and how they impact practices across the chain. Birgitte Poulsen, Consultant.

PM. Making a difference in Thailand

  • Tracking Progress: Assessing Business Responses to Forced Labour and Human Trafficking in the Thai Seafood Industry. Hannah Boles, Praxis Labs.   
  • The latest technological advances - labour indicators using VMS data. Brad Soule, OceanMind.

PM. Collaborative working

  • Collaborative working. Andy Hickman, Tesco/SEA Alliance Chair.
  • UK Fisheries Sector Human Rights and Social Welfare Baseline Project. David Hammond. HRAS.

Download the Seafood Ethics Common Language Group Meeting Agenda 

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