Customs and Trade News | September 2022 | Seafish

Customs and Trade News - September 2022

This month we discuss the Developing Countries Trading Scheme, our work on the India FTA and a call for evidence on Australia and New Zealand trade.

Developing Countries Trading Scheme

The UK government has issued a press release announcing the Developing Countries Trading Scheme. The purpose of the scheme is to improve access to the UK from developing countries. The scheme goes further than the EU’s “Generalised Scheme of Preferences” applying to 65 counties, extending tariff cuts and simplifying rules of origin. The press release states the scheme will support the economies of developing countries as well as giving more choice to the UK consumer to help with the cost of living. The scheme may be of benefit to the seafood processing sector, with the potential of new sources of raw material.


Seafish will be submitting a formal response to the Department for International Trade, with regards to the free trade agreement between the UK and India. We have been talking with stakeholders who trade with India to gather feedback on trade barriers on both imports and exports. We have also done an analysis on India’s recently signed trade agreements with Australia and UAE, to highlight chapters which may be useful for the UK seafood industry. Should you wish to comment or contribute please find the contact details below.

Australia and New Zealand

The second reading of the Trade (Australia and New Zealand) Bill has taken place in the House of Commons. The bill must be passed by parliament before it can come into force. The UK government is working to complete domestic ratification processes so that UK, Australian and New Zealand businesses can make use of the agreements as soon as possible. Parliament has issued a call for written evidence allowing those with expertise or a special interest to be able to submit their views as soon as possible. Seafish is also keen to hear from stakeholders who will benefit from the FTA’s, we are looking for case studies to showcase. Should you wish to be included, please contact us on the details below.  

Further information

We welcome comments and feedback from the seafood industry, so your issues are understood and fed into the FTA negotiations. Should you wish to email or arrange a meeting, please contact in the Regulation Team.