Brussels News in Brief - September 2020 — Seafish

Brussels News in Brief - September 2020

Our monthly Brussels update for September 2020

Environmental performance of products & businesses – substantiating claims

The European Commission has published a public consultation on a sustainable green claims initiative.

Currently, there are no detailed EU rules on the substantiation of positive environmental claims. The Commission considers there to be too many labels and claims, which are often misleading.  

Stakeholders are invited to give their feedback by 3 December 2020.

Revaluation of the risk assessment of parasites in farmed fish products

The Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC) has approved a recommendation which states that the overall risk of parasite infection in selected farmed fish species is negligible.

It is proposed that current EU legislation be extended to include an exemption from the freezing of products intended to be consumed raw or undercooked to all EU farmed fish products.


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