Supporting the seafood sector in the UK to thrive now and in the future

Our purpose is to support our seafood industry in the UK to thrive.

The nature of the industry is evolving as the industry faces the challenges that have come from the Covid-19 pandemic and as we prepare for international trade from outside the EU.

We are committed to helping the industry through these changes. We have been serving the seafood industry in the UK since Seafish was set up in our current format in 1981. We have adapted over the last 40 years to provide support where it is needed most and we’re proud of our contribution to the achievements of our seafood industry.  

The UK is a world leader in responsible sourcing of seafood. It plays a vital role in the global seafood supply chain providing world class seafood which is in demand at home and abroad. It is an industry that is proud of its long heritage but embraces innovation and aims to ensure there is a thriving seafood sector in the UK for generations to come.

As a public body we undertake regular strategic reviews, and the Seafish Board decided in November 2019 to carry out a review in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic delayed this process, but we are now underway again with preparations for a review in 2021.  

The aim of this strategic review is to strengthen our offering. We want to ensure we are set up in the best way to help our seafood sector throughout the UK to thrive, now and in the future.  

We’ll be seeking and listening to industry feedback on proposals and how we best serve the seafood sector as part of that process when it gets underway in 2021. Everyone will have the opportunity to be part of the conversations and we’ll share more detail over the coming months on how industry can help to shape the future of Seafish.