Domestic and Export Sector Panel

The Domestic and Export Sector Panel guides our work in catching, farming and processing seafood for consumption in the UK or for export.

The panel advises Seafish on the issues and concerns facing the domestic and export sector of the UK seafood industry.

Members are appointed by Seafish for their expertise and position within this sector; some are representatives of key industry/trade bodies and others are recruited by Seafish to represent specific activities/interests.

Panel members

  • Jerry Percy, Chair
  • Chris Anderson, Alyeska (representing processors using domestic catch)
  • Martyn Boyers, British Ports Association
  • Michael Clark MBE, Scottish Seafood Association
  • Robert Duthie, Scottish Pelagic Processors Association
  • Jim Evans, Welsh Fishermen’s Association (representing Welsh interests)
  • David Jarrad, Shellfish Association of Great Britain
  • Rosemary Johnston, Kilkeel Seafoods (representing Northern Ireland interests)
  • Sheila Keith, Shetland Fishermen’s Association (representing Shetland interests)
  • Elspeth Macdonald, Scottish Fishermen’s Federation
  • Kevin McDonell, Scottish Association of Fish Producer Organisations
  • Sarah Ready (representing small boat and inshore fishing interests)
  • Dale Rodmell, National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations
  • Paul Trebilcock, UK Association of Fish Producer Organisations

Get in touch

Simon Potten, Head of Safety and Training at Seafish, provides secretariat for the group. All enquiries should be directed to him.

Simon Potten
Head of Safety and Training
01472 252 337
07876 035 743