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    Final Minutes DAG meeting 17 July 2015

    Final notes of the Discard Action Group meeting held at the Wesley Hotel, London on 17 July 2015.
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    Seafish summary of stakeholder activities to create a pathway to the landing obligation under CFP reform. December 2014

    Seafish summary of key players and stakeholder activities to create a pathway to the landing obligation. Covers the devolved administrations, the Regional Advisory Councils, Producer Organisations, Fishermen's Organisations, Scientific bodies, selectivity and data colleciton trials, regional projects, EU Commission and Seafish.
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    Delivery Report 2012-2015

    The Seafish Delivery Report 2012-2015 looks back at performance against KPIs over the previous period and contains details of case studies and key achievements.
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    Seafish Responsible Sourcing Guide - Haddock - May 2013

    This Responsible Sourcing Guide to haddock contains information on sustainability issues, stock assessment, conservation measures and management worldwide for the individual stocks of this species updated to 2013. There is a short section on the product characteristics of the species. The information was obtained from scientific, industry and governmental sources and appropriate references are given.
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    UK seafood supply base to 2030

    An initial review of developments, implications and practical responses from industry and Seafish.
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    Discards New Developments 2010

    Update on latest developments relating to discards in fishing. Covers 2010 as at December 2010.