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    Cooling of Cooked and Smoked Fish in Retail Displays - Report of Laboratory Trials

    From April 1993 Retailers will find it difficult to comply with the Food Hygiene (Amendment) Regs which will require mongers to keep cooked and smoked fish products at or below 5 degrees centigrade. These products cannot be directly iced because of the adverse effect of appearance and texture. This work was carrid out with the aim of developing a simple, inexpensive storage and display system for these products in a retail environment, applicable to both shops and retail vans.
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    Field Trials of a Prototype Indirect Ice Chilled Display Cabinet

    From 1st April 1993, The Food Hygiene (Amendment) Regulations will demand that all pre-cooked and ready-to-eat smoked fish products are stored and displayed at no more than 5 degrees centigrade. A recent Seafish survey showed most existing equipment is not capable of meeting the new temperature requirements. As a result of previous work (Seafish report IR1424) Seafish Technology is currently developing inexpensive storage/display cabinets which use ice to indirectly chill products below 5 degrees.