Apprenticeships for fishmongers, fish friers and seafood processors

Here is a simple guide to the variety of apprenticeships available for the UK seafood industry and where to find out more information.

Funding for apprenticeships varies across the UK so you should contact a local provider to confirm what rules are in place in your area. They should also tell you which apprenticeships are most useful to your business. We work with several apprenticeship providers, but our list may not include all the providers you could contact. It is important that you decide which provider and which apprenticeship is best for you.

  • Apprenticeships may be valuable to your business because:
  • Apprenticeships can support staff development so that employees have important skills and knowledge.
  • Apprenticeships can be directly relevant to the operations in your business.
  • Apprenticeships can help to boost productivity and quality of output.
  • Apprenticeships can help attract talent.
  • Advertising a new job role with an apprenticeship attached can result in more and better applications.

We work together with other organisations to offer apprenticeships across the UK for the onshore seafood industry:

Apprenticeships are delivered differently in different parts of the UK. The kind of seafood apprenticeships available in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland can be different as well. Use the links below to find out more about the seafood industry apprenticeships on offer.

Further info

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If you'd like further information, please contact the Onshore Training team at Seafish.
T: 01472 252 300