Apprenticeships for fishmongers, fish friers and seafood processors

England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have different apprenticeship programmes available for the seafood industry.

Funding for apprenticeships varies across the UK so you should contact a local provider to confirm what rules are in place in your area. They should also tell you which apprenticeships are most useful to your business. We work with several apprenticeship providers, but this may not include all the providers you could contact. It is important that you decide which provider and which apprenticeship is best for you.

  • Apprenticeships may be valuable to your business because:
  • Apprenticeships can support staff development so that employees have important skills and knowledge.
  • Apprenticeships can be directly relevant to the operations in your business.
  • Apprenticeships can help to boost productivity and quality of output.
  • Apprenticeships can help attract talent.
  • Advertising a new job role with an apprenticeship attached can result in more and better applications.

We work together with other organisations to offer apprenticeships across the UK for the onshore seafood industry:

Apprenticeships are delivered differently in different parts of the UK. The kind of seafood apprenticeships available in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland can be different as well. Use the links below to find out more about the seafood industry apprenticeships on offer.

Fish frier apprenticeships

A variety of apprenticeships are available to businesses in the fish and chip industry, equipping people with the knowledge and skills to become excellent fish friers.   

Apprenticeships are not just for new employees, nor are they just for the young. Older employees who have been with the business for some time and even those in a more senior position can undertake an apprenticeship.

Fish frying businesses can access fish and shellfish industry framework based apprenticeships in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.  In England the available apprenticeships are standards-based production chef apprenticeships.

Production chef and senior production chef are the two main apprenticeships for fish frying businesses in England.

HIT Training has experience of supporting apprentices in fish and chip shops with these standards.

For more information view the fish frier apprenticeships webpage.

Fishmonger apprenticeships

In England, employers can benefit from the dedicated Level 2 Fishmonger apprenticeship developed by Seafish and Food and Drink NSA with the active support of supermarket and independent fishmongers.

Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland all offer the fish and shellfish industry skills based apprenticeship frameworks at Level 2 and Level 3. Fishmongers are well served by these frameworks. 


In England the Fishmonger apprenticeship is supported by a small number of providers.  NLTG actively supports independent fishmongers with their apprenticeships.  To find out more about fishmonger apprenticeships in England view this Fishmonger Apprenticeship webpage.

In Wales  apprenticeships are based on the comprehensive and flexible fish and shellfish proficiency skills framework which covers fish friers, fishmongers, processors, merchants and bivalve depuration centre staff.

In Northern Ireland it is these two frameworks that are appropriate for fish and shellfish employers.

In Scotland fishmongers in Scotland can undertake fish and shellfish modern apprenticeships and advanced modern apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships for fish processors and seafood manufacturers

In England there are two Food Operations Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards and Assessment Plans as developed by the Food and Drink National Skills Academy (FDNSA).

The food process operator and related apprenticeship standards are applicable to a few parts of the fish and shellfish processing sector. 

Other food and drink apprenticeship standards of potential benefit to fish processors:

  • Advanced Engineer 
  • Food and Drink Engineer 

Apprenticeship providers

In England, since May 2017, apprenticeships for the fish and shellfish sectors have been based on the new trailblazer standards for food operations (processing sector), fishmongering and production cooking (fish frying).

In England we are working with four apprenticeship providers, HIT Training for fish friers, Grimsby Institute and the University of Lincoln (NCFM) for seafood processors.  There are a number of providers that support fishmonger apprenticeships in supermarkets, but only one that will support the independent fishmonger sector - NLTG Ltd.

In Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, apprenticeships in the onshore fish and shellfish industry are based on the fish and shellfish framework qualifications.


Northern Ireland


  • Cambrian Training - throughout Wales (Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships) For fishmongers and fish friers
  • Coleg Cambria - North Wales, (Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships) - for fish frying sector.


Free Seafood Guides

Seafish publishes a highly informative Guide to Seafood with 64 pages full of detailed information on fish and shellfish and the seafood industry.  Copies of the Guide are available from us at a cost of £5 each or discounted for larger orders.

Seafish recognised apprenticeship providers and some selected Seafish trainers are eligible for free guides for staff and apprentices (fish and shellfish) and trainees on some courses.  These can be obtained directly from our onshore team. 

Further information

If you'd like further information, please contact the Onshore Training team at Seafish.