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Shellfish Industry Advisory Group

The Shellfish Industry Advisory Group (SIAG) provides a forum to discuss sustainability and management of UK shellfish fisheries.
Photos of lobster on slate, creels on pier and pile of whelks

SIAG role and focus

The role of the SIAG is to:

  • Provide a cohesive forum to engage proactively on sustainable fisheries management issues common to all shellfish species (e.g. fisheries plans and effective governance).
  • Act as the point for the wider supply chain to engage with the catching sector on management issues.

The SIAG is focused on contributing to national-level strategic management of the UK’s shellfish fisheries. It acts as a central overarching committee, with members from around the UK. This enables the group to maintain oversight on all matters related to the management of shellfish fisheries.

Species management groups

A number of species-specific sub-groups operate under the SIAG. They work on matters related to specific stocks and fisheries.

Infographic showing how the SIAG contributes to management on UK shellfish fisheries via links with the CMG, WMG and SIGC

New sub-groups were established to focus on crab and lobster and whelks. You can find out more about these groups from the links below:

The SIAG also works in parallel with the Scallop Industry Consultation Group (SICG), with shared membership and aligned objectives.

SIAG membership

The SIAG is an industry-led group which brings together stakeholders from across the shellfish supply chain. Its membership includes representatives from:

  • government
  • research and universities
  • fishermen’s associations
  • producers organisations
  • active fishermen

The SIAG is chaired by Barrie Deas, Chief Executive of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations.

We provide secretariat support for the group and undertake work on specific actions arising through the SIAG work programme.

If you are interested in joining the SIAG or engaging with the Group on matters related to sustainable management of shellfish fisheries, please contact our Fisheries Management team. You can reach them via the details in the Get in touch section below.

The SIAG and the species sub groups are directly linked to Future of Our Inshore fisheries (FOIF). It’s an industry-led project which kicked-off with a conference in 2019. The long-term aim of FOIF is to transform how inshore fisheries are managed.

Further information about FOIF is available from the link below:

FOIF logo with fishing gear in the background

Minutes from SIAG meetings

You can download copies of minutes from from the links below:

To access copies of minutes from earlier meetings contact our Fisheries Management team. You can reach them via the details in the Get in touch section below.

Get in touch

If you have questions about the Shellfish Industry Advisory Group contact:

Lewis Tattersall
Head of Fisheries Management
07970 154 238
Rebecca Treacy
Shellfish Fisheries Analyst
07971 310 316