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Marine Ingredients Certifications Ltd
The MarinTrust Standard (formerly the IFFO RS Standard) is an initiative of Marine Ingredients Certifications Ltd.

The MarinTrust Standard is an initiative of Marine Ingredients Certifications Ltd. and has been developed as a credible, robust tool that enables producers of raw materials in the fishmeal and fish oil industry to demonstrate responsible practice. It was formerly known as the IFFO RS Standard.

Marine Ingredients Certifications Ltd, with its independent third-party audit and certification programme, the MarinTrust Standard, allows producers to demonstrate that their marine ingredients are responsibly sourced and produced’

The original IFFO RS Standard was launched in September 2009, and the first certificate was awarded in February 2010. The Standard has since been regularly revised in compliance with ISEAL, the global membership organisation for credible sustainability standards. This ongoing process ensures that the Standard remains accessible, credible and relevant to industry needs, and in particularly that the assessment process continues to be robust.

The current MarinTrust Standard is the original IFFO RS Version 2.0 that was launched on 18 July 2017, following approval by the IFFO RS Governing Body Committee. 

Social – Social and welfare rights of employees in marine ingredient producing factories are protected; certified plants comply with the country’s fundamental social regulations and with legislations set by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Significance for seafood businesses: 

A seafood-specific standard. Sourcing seafood that is accredited to a standard that has a social component provides reassurance that the seafood you are purchasing has been independently verified concerning social issues.

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