Labor Safe Screen

Sustainability Incubator
Labor Safe Screen is a software for companies, so they can identify risks of unsafe labour in the supply chain.

This is a diagnostic program offering evidence for ethical sourcing.

This offers screening for social accountability in supply chains. If hotspots for forced labour exist in seafood supply chains they are located and explained. For a fee users entering a certain product get a risk assessment as well as recommendations for improvement. The Labor Safe Screen offers food companies security for inspections and disclosures by adding risk ID to product tracing for seafood supply chains worldwide.

Study develops new method for identifying risk of forced labour in seafood supply chains. July 2018.

Katrina Nakamura, Sustainability Incubator, is the lead author of a five-point plan to identify areas with high risks of forced labour throughout the seafood supply chain. The plan’s approach involves stepping up product-screening to determine where the seafood originates, producing a template for mapping the supply chain, creating an algorithm “for estimating risk in fishing operations”, creating surveys for “collective proof of protective conditions in the workplace” and establishing a common set of principles for those protective conditions. The framework utilizes existing data on supply chains as well as some of the same traceability technologies used in food safety to track worker conditions.

Significance for seafood businesses: 

This is a generic tool (not seafood specific) but could help seafood buyers make an informed judgement on the risks they face when sourcing seafood.

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