Be Slavery Free (formerly Stop the Traffik Australia)

Be Slavery Free
Be Slavery Free is a coalition of civil society organisations with on-the-ground experience in preventing, disrupting and remediating modern slavery.

Be Slavery Free is seeking to solve the global problem of slavery by preventing it occurring the first place. They live by the saying “it’s better to build a fence at the top of the cliff, than run ambulances at the bottom”. They work with businesses and industries with practices that will eliminate slavery. They educate consumers with the knowledge that they need to choose slavery-free products. They network to allow civil society to work together to end this heinous crime. We lobby governments for better regulations and guidelines to stop slavery.

Significance for seafood businesses: 

Not seafood-specific. There are a number of organisations that offer practical business support to help manage socially responsible business practices. There are also various tools and guidance notes available which are free to use which will help buyers manage their supply chain and make a more informed judgement on the risks they face when sourcing seafood.

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