How to make the most of TESS — Seafish

How to make the most of TESS

TESS points you to useful (and free) resources which can help businesses address social responsibility challenges in their supply chains.

How to find information on this site

There are several different ways to find the information on this site. From the homepage and main menu pages, there are three main sections to help you find the information you are looking for.

The three main sections of most interest

Why social responsibility matters; this section of the site provides an overview of the issues facing the seafood sector and why it is crucial for businesses to tackle these issues. Also included is a ‘recommended reading’ section, providing details and links to publications that provide more detail around the issues and why they are so important.

Six steps to social responsibility; this section of the site provides the outline for a six step systematic business improvement cycle for businesses to follow to tackle social issues in global supply chains. For each step, there is an explanation of the specific action to take and you can view all the featured resources (presented as interactive records) which are linked to that step in the cycle, and which could ultimately be useful to seafood businesses in tackling social issues in seafood supply chains).

Search our records; You can type a search term into our database and it will generate relevant results. The site has been filtered by region, seafood sector and type of resource to help tailor the results to individual requirements. The results generated are based only on content available in TESS. All the information is publicly available on external websites, so you are taken to the source of the information.

Tips on searching

In the ‘search our database’ section there are two main ways to search for information.

Typing a search term or phrase and then use one of the three search filters to further refine your search. Or

  • Just using one of the three search filters to find records that are ‘tagged’ with certain descriptors. For example you can just look at records relating to a particular location, type of resource or seafood sector, without having to fill in the search term.
  • A search will generate a summary list of associated records. If you are interested to find out more about a record, then select ‘view record’. This will take you to further information including a detailed summary, an indication of usefulness for seafood businesses and a link to the external website for more detailed information. Please note, Seafish has no control over the content of external websites.