Promoting Seafood

At Seafish we take a lead role in the promotion of Seafood in order to increase consumption levels throughout the UK.

Our goal is to facilitate the doubling of consumers weekly seafood intake to 2 portions, by providing a resource platform to the industry that allows them to market and communicate the many benefits effectively.

Being an authorative body for food safety, regulations and standards within the Seafood Industry – Seafish is also trusted to give assurance and accurate information to consumers and other business sectors.

Our dedicated consumer seafood site Fish is the Dish gives seafood-buying customers all of the information they need on the benefits of buying, cooking and eating seafood. 

Fish Is The Dish

Our Promoting Seafood Campaigns

Find out more about our consumer projects:

Seafood Awards

  • Young Seafood Chef of the Year
  • National Fish & Chip Awards
  • Seafood Restaurant of the Year Competition

The Young Seafood Chef of the Year competition is open to all full-time and college based modern apprentice chefs.

Fast Fish Facts

72% of UK adults

do not know that it is recommended that they eat two portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily.

32% of UK adults

who eat one or less portions of fish a week claim that it is the cost of fish that prevents them from eating more fish

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