Aquaculture research and insight

The aquaculture industry in the UK is growing. We've published an economic analysis of the industry and also shared other interesting research.

EU aquaculture production was 1.28 million tonnes in 2014, with an almost equal split between finfish and shellfish production. EU aquaculture accounts for nearly 20% of fish production and directly employs some 85,000 people. The UK aquaculture sector is worth some £800 million.

The Value of Aquaculture to England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Despite Scottish Atlantic salmon dominating harvest tonnage and value, UK aquaculture remains a diverse industry. The socio-economic importance of the aquaculture industry to Scotland is well-known, but until now the same understanding was limited as to the importance of aquaculture to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

This Seafish report analyses the economic contribution and value of the major aquaculture sub-sectors, and the most important farmed species in these three nations. 

It highlights the opportunities, constraints and comparative advantages for aquaculture sub-sectors, and offers recommendations to industry and Government to assist the industries future growth.

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Exploiting the Potential for a Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries Centre in SW England

This SIP supported feasibility study presents the concept of developing an aquaculture and fisheries research and development centre at Brixham Laboratory, Devon. 

The report explores the opportunity for an innovation hub to enable exploration and knowledge sharing in aquaculture, applied fisheries, and seafood supply chain, and to become home to a diverse and forward-facing community fostering new ideas and approaches to the UKs biggest seafood supply challenges.

UK Shellfish Production and Several, Regulating and Hybrid Orders: The Contribution and Value of Orders in Relation to the Sector's Past Development and Future Growth.

Aquaculture in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: An Analysis of the Economic Contribution and Value of the Major Sub-Sectors and the Most Important Farmed Species.

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Closing the Circle: Aquaculture Development in Enclosed Waters

This Seafish Strategic Investment Programme (SIP) supported project examines the opportunities for aquaculture in/around enclosed marine water bodies, as well as the development of a generic design for a shellfish hatchery in three inter-related reports. The proposed Tidal Lagoon in Swansea Bay (TLSB) case study is a significant focus of this project. 

Reports available below:

Aquaculture Opportunities for Enclosed Marine Water Bodies - Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Case Study

Develpment of a Generic Shellfish Hatchery Design

Aquaculture Site Scoping Matrix