Glazed Seafood Weight Indication Guidance

Frozen seafood or fishery products which are presented for sale to the final consumer or to mass caterers with a protective ice-glaze should only have their ‘net’ weight indicated. This should be the weight of the product itself i.e. product without the glaze. Indications of the size of the individual food products, for example the size of prawns within the package, should also be given net of glaze, referring to only the drained product. Products traded between businesses (other than caterers) are subject to different rules. Businesses should be aware that the products, once they are placed on the market to caterers or the final consumer, will require this information. There are also requirements for the price marking of goods offered for sale to consumers. Price marking must also be based on the net drained weight of the product.
  • Fiona Wright
Publication date
01 February 2016


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