Further investigations into selectivity and separator trawls — Seafish

Further investigations into selectivity and separator trawls

This report describes the most recent in a series of trials investigating the selectivity performance of separator trawls. The twin warp nets were deployed simultaneously on a twin rig trawler in the Moray Firth over a two week period. Four different cod end mesh sizes were used in a number of combinations. The catch from each of the four cod ends were identified and measured. The catch data were analysed to determine the extent of vertical separation for each species and the size selectivity of each codend. Good separation was found and some useful observations made as to the influence of fish size on separation and cod end position on selectivity. This report has been produced from a scanned original and may therefore contain some formatting and other inaccuracies. In cases where this affects the technical content, a paper copy of the original report can still be obtained from Seafish.
  • J. Swarbrick,
  • W. Lart,
  • K. Arkley
Publication Reference No.
Publication date
01 December 1995


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