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Use of shell in aggregates_B54

Shell waste is a major financial and operational burden on the shellfish industry. Although there are, in theory, many uses for shell, there is no singular solution to treat or utilise these materials as by-products and little infrastructure to take shell across the UK. Where infrastructure exists, it is often disjointed or only works on a localised level. Seafood processors are often unaware of potential opportunities. Most processors rely on disposal outlets which can cost up to £150 per tonne of waste making it a very costly problem. This study has undertaken an assessment of the availability of suitable shellfish waste for aggregate applications. In summary, ~43,000t of shell aggregates could be available from the current production of cockle, crab, mussel, oyster, whelk, queen and king scallops. An assessment has been made regarding the availability of these different shell types, market opportunities, technologies to treat the shell and costs.
  • Andy Fitzgerald
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01 March 2007


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