Project UK Fisheries Improvements

Project UK Fisheries Improvements (PUKFI) is working towards an environmentally sustainable future for UK fisheries by running Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) on six UK fisheries that have been selected by the UK supply chain. They were selected due to their importance for the UK market.

PUKFI will use the MSC process as a tool to develop credible FIPs, giving each fishery the tools to implement changes and to ensure their sustainable future.

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PUKFI will use the MSC Pre-Assessment process as a gap analysis to determine current status, identify improvements and inform development of an Action Plan designed to ultimately improve the sustainability of the fishery.

The project will implement the Action Plan for each fishery and track progress through the MSC's Bench-Marking and Tracking tool (BMT). Once the individual improvement projects are completed they will be entered into MSC assessment. Each FIP has a steering group to inform, guide and implement the work identified. These are made up of industry, fishery managers, scientists, NGOs, retailers and supply chain. They will be chaired and facilitated by MSC. A PUKFI Advisory Group made up of project funders will oversee the work of the project. PUKFI is one work-stream of a larger over-arching project, Project UK, currently in development which aims to identify, improve and ultimately certify market-relevant fisheries in the UK. It will use the Project Inshore model of largescale Pre-Assessments to identify data gaps, best practice and areas for improvement to inform FIP development and set up. 



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