Project UK Fisheries Improvements

Project UK Fisheries Improvements (PUKFI) is identifying a pathway to deliver sustainable fisheries.

It is a collaborative stakeholder partnership project working towards an environmentally
sustainable future for UK fisheries, using MSC FIP tools and facilitated by MSC. The project uses the MSC pre-assessment process as a gap analysis to determine a fishery’s current status in relation to the MSC standard so that areas of improvement can be identified, and Action Plans developed to deliver those improvements which are then implemented through
Credible Fishery Improvement Projects or FIPs. Each FIP Action Plan is designed to ultimately improve the fishery’s sustainability to a point where it could meet the ’80 level’ of the MSC standard and enter full MSC assessment. Clear milestones for each action within the fishery’s Action Plan are set by the Steering Groups and the progress of these actions and improvements is tracked and reviewed annually through the MSC’s Bench-Marking and Tracking tool. It is through striving to deliver these actions that sustainability improvements are delivered.

Steering groups

Steering groups made up of representatives from the fishing industry, scientists, NGOs, retailers and the supply chain have been developed for each fishery. These groups are designed to inform, guide and implement the work identified within the Action Plan and to drive forward improvements in the fisheries. MSC currently independently chairs all Steering Groups, which meet approximately every four to six months.  

Stage 1 and Stage 2

PUKFI Stage 1 is the first group of fisheries to be developed as FIPs. Stage 2, building on the successful implementation of Stage 1, is a second group of fisheries to be identified to form FIPs. The success of this model, through proof of concept, reflects the growing desire and interest for change within the UK seafood and fishing industry for a continued move towards a sustainable future for UK fisheries.

Fisheries in PUKFI were selected by the UK supply chain as commercially important species that they wanted to see progress towards MSC certification.

Stage 1 FIPs

Stage 2 FIPs

All information and documents from each of the FIPs is available on, the global FIP tracking database.

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