What is The Big Picture?

Director of Corporate Relations, Hazel Curtis, talks about recent innovations made to The Seafish Big Picture.

As the public body supporting the £10bn UK seafood industry, we are unique in our position at the heart of the industry. We ensure we are connected to Government, businesses, NGOs, organisations and others who have an interest in seafood and we aim to apply our specialist knowledge and the access we have to other experts and their knowledge, to products that services that really help all our stakeholders in their work.

We’ve recently updated The Big Picture, a Seafish product that brings together expert knowledge and data from across Seafish and our partner organisations to provide a comprehensive overview of the UK seafood industry.

At Seafish, we’re committed to putting our stakeholders at the heart of everything we do, which is why we’re testing new ways of making our information more engaging and easy to access. For this year’s edition of The Big Picture, we’ve evolved the format from a wall poster to a fully interactive webpage which we hope you’ll find useful.

The Big Picture highlights the most recent annual performance of the main sectors of the UK seafood industry and has been designed so that it’s easily understood by everyone – from those who know very little to those with a deeper understanding.

When scrolling through, you’ll get a glimpse of a thriving industry illustrated by infographics, charts and maps. Looking at the industry through the lenses of the product, place and people, you’ll find statistics linked to landings, imports and exports, labour, sales and consumer trends.

It’s a quick and convenient way to gain useful insight, whether it’s specific data you need or answers to questions such as how many fishermen there are in the UK, what the most popular seafood species is and which port has the highest value of fish landings.

The Big Picture will be kept up-to-date as and when new information becomes available. It is also worth adding that much of the data included comes via other Seafish tools and resources such as the Trade & Tariff Tool in Tableau, our Export Guides as well as various Market Insight reports.

For those who would also like a printed version of the Big Picture, which presents a dashboard view of all the sections included on the webpage, you can request an A1 poster here.

I really hope you find this innovative production useful and interesting, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions that you have on this new format by emailing seafish@seafish.co.uk

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