Second in series of free webinars for UK seafood businesses

The UAE is the next destination in a series of webinars for UK businesses looking to open and grow markets to export seafood

The UAE is the next destination in a series of webinars for UK businesses looking to open and grow markets to export seafood. It will be followed by webinars on China and the USA in early 2021. These sessions form part of a wider package of support offered by Seafish, the public body that supports the UK seafood industry, to help the sector to prepare from new trade opportunities.

Taking place on Wednesday 18 November, the UAE webinar is aimed at new and existing exporters of seafood. It is being facilitated by Seafish in collaboration with the Department of International Trade (DIT).

The UAE is a key export destination for seafood from the UK. In 2019, the UK exported 1,266 tonnes of seafood to the UAE with value of £10.5m. The top species included salmon, cod, seabass, turbot, mackerel and oysters.

The webinar will introduce the UAE market and highlight the potential opportunities for UK exporters. It will feature both trade specialists and guest speakers from the UAE seafood industry. The agenda will include:

  • An overview of the seafood market in the UAE, delving into the detail contained within the Seafish UAE OMIS guide – delivered by BCB in-market specialists.
  • A panel discussion on the impacts of Covid-19 on the seafood industry in the UAE and a question and answer session.

Commenting on Seafish’s ongoing work to support UK seafood businesses to increase their overseas trade Dr Lynn Gilmore, Head of International Trade at Seafish, said: 

“We’re focussed on supporting the UK seafood sector to develop global trade and are working on ways to support them in showcasing our fantastic seafood overseas.
“The first webinar on trade with Japan was very successful with lots of interested businesses asking questions about how to get their seafood into the market and what opportunities there are. We’re now turning our attention to the UAE as another important market and we’re planning further webinars with the Department for International Trade in the coming weeks. Our export guides are also available to provide vital information on starting and growing trading with key seafood markets.”
Dr Lynn Gilmore

The Seafood Market in the UAE webinar is being held online on 18 November from 2pm to 3pm. To register for a place on the webinar please visit the Seafish Eventbrite page.

Further information on exporting to the UAE and a range of other overseas markets can be found in the Export (OMIS) Guides on our website.