Kingfisher releases updated FishSAFE and KIS-ORCA datasets for the fishing industry

These datasets are a valuable navigation resource to help skippers avoid hazards while working at sea.
  • FishSAFE provides updates on fishing plotter files, charts and website maps for all UK oil and gas structures.
  • KIS-ORCA covers renewable energy and subsea cables in Northern Europe.

The datasets are issued twice a year. They are produced by our Kingfisher team, on behalf of FLTC Services Ltd and the European Subsea Cables Association. 

This information is made available to the fishing industry for free. It is supplied in a format which can be downloaded and then directly updated on plotters. This allows skippers to identify where subsea hazards are located, navigate around them and continue to fish safely.

Matthew Frow, Kingfisher Information Manager at Seafish said: “The July data release includes details of new offshore structures that could be hazardous. Within the FishSAFE release (FSIv40) for plotters and the FishSAFE Unit there are hundreds of changes. It’s really important that skippers update their systems so they have the latest information and can continue to work safely.

Alongside our Kingfisher Bulletin app and website, these releases provide vital data in formats that can be used at sea.”

The latest KIS-ORCA and FishSAFE data sets are now available for free online. They can be downloaded from the KIS-ORCA website and the FishSAFE website

The data is also being made available on USB cards. These are being supplied by the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation and National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations. Distribution is underway so they will be coming through letterboxes soon. Fishermen looking to receive a USB card with data should contact the relevant fishing federation.

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For further information contact:
Matthew Frow
Kingfisher Information Manager
t: 01472 252 336