Brussels News in Brief - October 2020 — Seafish

Brussels News in Brief - October 2020

Our monthly Brussels update for October 2020

Welfare of farmed fish

The Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC) organised a virtual workshop on fish welfare earlier this month. Welfare of farmed fish has been identified by the European Commission (EC) as a priority area. A public consultation which is open for contributions until 27 October 2020 has been launched. Moreover, the Commission plans to adopt the “EU Strategic Guidelines for sustainable aquaculture” by the end of 2020.

The consultation is available to read on the EC website.

The presentation of the AAC event on fish welfare can be found on the Aquaculture Advisory Council website.

EU set to get WTO green light for US tariffs

The World Trade Organization is expected to let the bloc impose sanctions on the United States for aid to Boeing. In the latest development in the trade conflict between Washington and Brussels over support for their aircraft manufacturers, the EU is expected to get the green light to impose around $4.0 billion in tariffs on US goods and services, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

Public hearing on “Prospects and perils for the environment, public health and food safety in the future EU-UK relationship”

On October 12, The European Parliament held a public hearing on “Prospects and Perils for the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety in the Future EU-UK Relationship”. European Parliament members heard from academic, NGO and industry experts about possible divergences between EU and UK standards in the areas of the environment, public health and food safety and consider policy measures that might be adopted to combat any adverse effects.

More information can be found here on the European Parliament website


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