Strategic Investment Fund

As from midnight on 31 July the Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) is now closed. An announcement regarding future calls for applications will be made in due course.

The Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) has been set up as a part of our Corporate Plan 2015/2018. The Plan is fixed and describes in detail our work programme over the next three years. SIF is a flexible part that allows us to fund additional, strategically important work that is consistent with the Plan's objectives. 

Applicants can be any individual, partnership or other entity able to deliver that purpose. The principal applicant/contractor should be the UK-based partner in any supply chain so that contractual arrangements can be drawn up under English or Scottish law. The first call opens on Wednesday 1st July 2015 and will be open for one month, closing at midnight on Friday 31st July. The programme is funded for three years in the first instance. For each call Seafish is looking for competitive bids to resolve issues covering a limited number of topic areas. Applicants seeking funding must propose work that is clearly relevant to the topic areas and be of broad strategic value to the UK seafood industry.

For information on how to apply click here