The following are a range of seafood industry-related publications produced by the Marketing and Communications team at Seafish.

Seafish 'Team' Fact Sheets

Seafish Economics works to improve marine and fisheries management and seafood supply chains to enhance the sustainable profitability of UK seafood businesses. The work carried out by the Economics team is central to Seafish's aims of improving profitability and informing decision making. This fact sheet provides outline information on the work of the Economics team, their available publications and contact details. Last published September 2017. Download a copy here.

Market Insight
The team of market analysts collate a broad spectrum of reports and insights relating to the UK seafood market from landing, trade, retail and foodservice perspectives. The team analyse these sources and regularly communicates relevant trends. These updates are received and valued by industry stakeholders from fisherman, processors and retailers to the media and government. This fact sheet outlines the work of the team and who to contact if you have any questions our Market Insight service. Last published September 2017. Download a copy here.

Regional Team
The Seafish Regional Team are based at key locations across the UK to support the profitable, sustainable and socially responsible development of the seafood industry in their areas. Having individuals available across the UK ensures that we have an approach that recognises the diverse nature of the seafood industry in different places. It also means that support from Seafish core services is easily accessible and that Seafish engages with SMEs as well as major companies. Last published September 2017. Download a copy here.

Regulatory Affairs
The Regulation team maintains an overview of current and emerging legislation issues relating to seafood and the marine environment. This fact sheet outlines the work of the team and who to contact if you have any questions on regulatory affairs. Last published September 2017. Download a copy here.

General Seafish Publications 

Social responsibility in seafood - Seafish role

This factsheet provides an overview of the work Seafish is doing to help the seafood industry address issues relating to labour and worker welfare. Last published April 2018. Download a copy here

Basic Fishing Methods

A comprehensive guide to commercial fishing methods.

This publication contains illustrations and descriptions of commonly used fishing methods, gears and rigs. It deals mainly with UK fisheries, with reference to other fisheries throughout the world that supply wild-caught fish and shellfish into the UK markets.

A downloadable copy of the Basic Fishing Methods publication can be found here.

If you have any specific questions on the Basic Fishing Methods publication, please contact Mike Montgomerie by email: or telephone: +44 (0)1472 252 327.

Seafood Industry Factsheet
This information publication is produced annually and contains a wealth of headline information and statistics on the UK seafood industry. Last published February 2018. Download a copy here.

The Seafood Guide
The new 2014 Seafish Seafood Guide, a comprehensive 64-page guide to fish and shellfish available in the UK. The Guide contains information on species, sustainability, traceability, recipes and techniques. A great educational tool, it is available to order at a price of £5 per copy, or £2.50 per copy for orders of 50 or more. You can order copies and see a preview of the Guide here. Last published March 2014. This publication is not available in electronic format.