Industry economics

Seafish aims to improve marine and fisheries management and seafood supply chains to enhance the sustainable profitability of UK seafood businesses.

At Seafish, we achieve these objectives by providing expert, relevant, impartial and trusted economic evidence, analysis and evidence. Our work focus areas include:

We also work with economic data relating to many other issues relevant to the UK seafood industry, including the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, rights-based management, catch quotas, and Marine Protected Areas.

For more information and economic data, please contact Hazel Curtis. Publications and reports from the Seafish economics team can be found on the economics downloads page.

Processing sector statistics

The economics team at Seafish conducts annual financial surveys of UK fish processors. In addition to these surveys, the team carries out a census of all UK fish processing businesses every two years.

Fleet statistics

The Seafish economics team has published annual reports, based on its economic surveys of the UK fishing fleet. The '2016 Economics of the UK Fishing Fleet' includes the most recent nationwide costs and earnings data on the UK catching sector.

Seafish fleet economic performance data

The Seafish fleet economic performance dataset contains financial, economic and operation performance indicators for the period 2007-2017.

Surveys and data

Seafish is responsible for the collection of economic data relating to the UK seafood industry, including fishing fleet and processing statistics.

Fleet survey

As part of Seafish's main areas of focus we seek to provide accurate, timely data to inform decision making. Data gathered during the Annual Economic Survey of the UK Fishing Fleet provides the foundation for a number of reports and all of our bespoke expert advice. In order to provide information, analysis and this advice, we need your help.

Economic services

The Seafish economics team offer advice and tools to businesses in the fisheries industry.

Quay Issues

Quay Issues is a magazine for the fishing industry and tells some of the stories unearthed during our annual Fleet Survey. Quay Issues looks at some of the challenges facing the industry and the creative and innovative approaches fishing vessel owners around the country are taking to overcome them.


UKFEN is the UK Fisheries Economics Network, a network for economists and analysts working in the seafood industry.

Economics downloads

Seafish produces regular reports, surveys and other publications, many of which can be downloaded below.

Strategic Intentions Survey

The Seafish Economics Team is carrying out a study to investigate the impact of the Landing Obligation on demersal and nephrops vessel owners' strategic intentions for their businesses.

IIFET 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop

Seafish and the IIFET 2018 conference organisers are teaming up to organise a one day workshop on Designing Economic Data Collection to Support Fisheries Co-Management.

2018 Seafood Processing Sector Labour Report

This report presents the findings of Seafish's annual survey of workforce composition in the seafood processing sector in 2017 and results of the first quarterly survey on ease of recruitment and retention of staff in the seafood processing sector.