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Fishing Gear Handling Trials of a Twin Rig Trawling System using a 2 Warp Arrangement

K Arkley

There has been considerable increase in the number of European fishermen adopting multi-rig trawling techniques over the past few years. Danish and Norwegian fishermen in particular have adopted twin-trawl systems, using a three warp arrangement to exploit Nephrops, shrimp and white fish fisheries. The three warp system requires the vessel to be equipped with a three barrel winch arrangement. A specification not normally found on standard trawl winches. Seafish decided to evaluate a twin-rig trawling system utilising a two warp arrangement that could be adopted by most fishing vessels equipped for normal bottom trawling operations. A rig was designed and made up and fitted aboard a 12m stern trawler fishing for Nephrops from the North East coast port of North Shields. The trials described in this report present an evaluation of the twin trawl system with regard to the handling of the rig. The trawls used in these trials were two identical nets designed by Seafish. The nets are the same ones as were used in previous trials to evaluate a double-rig system using the trhree warp arrangement. (1297 - Double Rig and Separator Trawl trials held in the Firth of Forth. This report has been produced from a scanned original and may therefore contain some formatting and other inaccuracies. In cases where this affects the technical content, a paper copy of the original report can still be obtained from Seafish.

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Fishing Industry of S.W, England - A Business Study

H.D.McDiarmid, R.J.A.Nicholson

The report describes the Fishery in the S. West during 1984/1985 and is part of the series of background studies covering the U.K. Fisheries as a whole. The Fishery is broadly divided into the deep water section - typified by the Brixham and Newlyn beamers and the inshore vessels operating mainly from coves in Cornwall. The competition for the fish resouces is described but in general the fishery is enjoying some growth mainly as a result of sales to the Continent.

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Scottish fleet financial forecast 2007

H Curtis, S Anton

This report looks at the likely earnings and profits for vessels fishing in the North Sea and West of Scotland in 2007. Published February 2007.


West of Scotland Nephrops fishery - review of issues facing the industry - key features

H Curtis, S Anton

This report contains a summary of the survey carried out in early 2006 at the request of the West of Four Fisheries Management Group. was written to help inform efforts to identify effective solutions to issues facing the nephrops sector on the west coast of Scotland.


10 Golden Rules For Looking After Your Crustacea Stock

M Jacklin

10 top tips for keeping crustacea tip top.