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Dr Holly Whiteley, the Seafish Wales Manager, works closely with the Welsh seafood industry and ensures the local coordination of Seafish activities. Seafish Wales engages with stakeholders across the supply chain, from fishermen to foodservice, and provides a point of contact to assist Welsh industry access to technical expertise throughout the whole of Seafish.


The Seafish work programme in Wales is guided by the Seafish Wales Advisory Committee (SWAC) and covers a range of projects and activities that aim to facilitate the sustainable economic development of the industry.

The current Seafish Wales work programme is detailed in the Seafish Corporate Plan 2015- 2018 and aligns closely with the recently published Wales Seafood Strategy. This Strategy was developed by SWAC in close collaboration with Seafish and Welsh Government, and outlines the Welsh seafood industry's vision for sustainable growth 2016 to 2025. More information about the Wales Seafood Strategy can be found here.

Current Seafish Wales Priority work areas include:

  • Collaborative projects to improve fishing industry safety in Wales,
  • Collaborative projects to establish a robust evidence-based for sustainable growth,
  • Socio-economic data collection to monitor growth and support decision-making.

Get in touch:

Dr Holly Whiteley
Seafish Wales

Telephone: +44 (0) 1248 812 038
Mobile: +44 (0) 7984 561 918


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