Aquaculture Common Issues Group

The Aquaculture Common Issues Group, facilitated by Seafish, aims to discuss and inform positions on some of the sector's most important issues.

The group is comprised of culturists, the main producer associations, food and fish feed processors, retailers, environmental NGOs, Crown Estates, Government Departments and regional development organisations, who are concerned with, or affected by, the many issues facing the UK finfish and shellfish aquaculture industry.

The group provides a forum for the discussion of ethical, environmental and economic challenges to the aquaculture industry, during which the aim is to reach an understanding on these issues, particularly with regard to responsible and sustainable seafood cultivation. The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the group can be found here

There are two meetings of the Aquaculture Common Issues Group each year. The presentations and minutes can be found below. The last meeting was on Wednesday 18 April 2018 in London. The next meeting is on Tuesday 18 September 2018 in London.

If you would like to attend a meeting, to be added to the mailing list or are interested in presentations from previous meetings, please contact Karen Green.

Aquaculture Common Issues Group minutes:

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September 2017
April 2017
September 2016
April 2016
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April 2015
September 2014
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Presentations from April 2018 meeting:

Shellfish water quality monitoring. Cefas
Chichester Harbour. Sussex IFCA and the New Economics Foundation
Assessing and Mitigating Harmful Algal Blooms. Exeter University
EnviGuard Project. AquaBio Tech Group
Identification of Potential Aquaculture Sites. Marine Management Organisation
Assessment of aquaculture suitability for marine spatial planning. Newcastle University
Aquaculture within the National Marine Plan. Welsh Government
Seafish activities. Seafish

Presentations from September 2017 ACIG meeting:

Seafood 2040 strategy report. Alison Austen
Seafish domestic aquaculture update. Seafish
Cefas regulatory toolbox. Cefas
Funds for aquaculture under EMFF. Marine Management Organisation
Progress on ARCH UK. ARCH UK
Shellfish consumption - implications for human health. University of Aberdeen
Shellfish/bivalve markets in the UK. Seafish
ARCH UK project - Markets. University of Stirling
SAGB marketing project. Avocet Media Ltd

Presentations from April 2017 ACIG meeting:

Seafish domestic aquaculture update. Seafish
Seafood 2040. Seafood Expert Working Group
Brixham Fisheries and Aquaculture Centre. Sustainable Leadership Ltd
Sustainable aquaculture in tidal lagoons. Tidal Lagoon Power
Development of BBSRC-NERC aquaculture network. ARCH UK
Irish & Celtic Seas: adaptation to climate change in aquaculture and fisheries.  Bluefish project
Fishmeal and fish oil production. IFFO
The impact of El Niño on fish oil supply. Ian Pike
UK Aquaculture Initiative. NERC and BBSRC
Blue New Deal Action Plan. New Economics Foundation

Presentations from September 2016 ACIG meeting:

Economic Analysis - England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Hambrey Consulting
Seafish-led projects and initiatives. Seafish
Aquaculture development in Wales. Welsh Government
Welsh lagoon development. Aquafish Solutions
AquaCoast. Milford Haven Ports Authority
Offshore Aquaculture. Offshore Shellfish
Aquaculture and European Maritime Fisheries Fund. Marine Management Organisation
Blue New Deal Action Plan. New Economics Foundation

Presentations from April 2016 ACIG meeting:

Aquatic food security. Cefas
Seafish-led projects and initiatives. Seafish
Aquaculture developments in Wales. Welsh Government
Aquaculture developments in Northern Ireland. DARD
Aquaculture developments in England. Defra
The impact of salmon farming on wild fish - sea lice. Callander McDowell
Shellfish network. Swansea University
Blue New Deal. New Economics Foundation
Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre funding. Heather Jones
Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum funding. Richard Slaski
BBSRC-NERC funding. Jodie Mitchell