What we do

When Seafish was established in 1981, the Fisheries Act defined its role as 'promoting the efficiency of the seafood industry … so as to serve the interests of that industry as a whole' whilst at the same time giving 'regard to the interests of consumers of sea fish and sea fish products'.


Our Mission: supporting a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible future for the seafood industry

Our mission summarises that original purpose, beginning in the concept of a socially responsible industry, a move initiated and supported by industry but one that speaks to the need to take regard of consumers' concerns.    

Our Vision: the authority on seafood

The work that Seafish carries out to provide reliable information to industry, media and regulators, underpins everything that we do. Seafish should be the first organisation that comes to mind when seafood data, interpretations or advice are required, so that we become recognised as 'the authority on seafood'. Only by having a high level of expertise can our work on educating consumers and dealing with the public image of the seafood industry be convincingly authoritative.

High Level Objectives and Strategic Outcomes

Promote Consumption
More people, eating more fish, more often

Enhance Reputation
A trusted and resilient industry

Inform Decisions
Data to inform decision-making is readily available

Our work is aligned to three High Level Objectives and is subject to regular review by Sector Panels and Board, allowing our objectives to be refined and tightened as the programmes develop.

These objectives relate directly back to our mission and vision, and to out statutory duty to promote efficiency in the industry, whilst having regard to the end consumer.

More information about our High Level Objectives can be found here and in our Corporate Plan for 2015-18

Work Programmes

The full suite of work programmes that support and allow us to deliver our high level objectives are described in more detail in our Corporate Plan for 2015-18.