UK policy

As a levy body Seafish represents the UK seafood industry.

Seafish is also a government body and aims to support government policy where possible, while still meeting the needs of the industry we represent. There are six primary areas in which Seafish intends to support UK and devolved policy:

  • Economic Growth: Our primary concern, many of our objectives and workstreams contribute to economic growth in every sector. By securing a profitable future for the seafood industry, we also boost the UK economy.
  • Employment: By promoting and supporting every sector of the industry and pushing for economic growth, we seek to increase employment levels in the seafood industry across the UK.
  • Infrastructure: Seafish operates a number of issue groups and works with all sectors of the industry to build a solid infrastructure of advisors and experts. Our activities are advised by three sector panels, each of which represents a distinct industry voice.
  • Innovation and skills: Research and development is a top priority for Seafish. Our work brings new, more efficient gear technology to the fishing sector, and improved training provision across the industry.
  • Export: Supporting international trade is another part of what we do for the UK economy. By providing assistance, advice and market data, we provide a valuable service to exporters.
  • Consumer: Our promotional work with consumers and retailers - particularly the National Fish and Chip Awards - is a boon to the tourism industry of the UK.