Domestic and Exporters Panel

The Seafish Domestic and Exporters Sector Panel meets to discuss issues in the seafood industry relevant to UK fishermen, culturists, processors dependent upon landings from UK vessels and exporters. Members have been recruited and appointed for their expertise and position within these industries.

John Goodlad

Panel Chair

John Goodlad is Chairman of the Board of Shetland Catch and Shetland Fish Products. He also chairs and the Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group, which represents the catching and fish processing sectors of the Scottish pelagic industry. He was recently appointed Chairman of Fisheries Innovation Scotland and is a senior fisheries advisor to Prince Charles' International Sustainability Unit.  

Chris Anderson


Chris is Managing Director of Alyeska. He is a former Director of Northbay Pelagic, a collaboration between Fresh Catch, Interfish and the Shetland-based Altaire Fishing Company. Chris founded Fresh Catch in 1989 and was integral in establishing Northbay Pelagic, which began operations in January 2014. Chris is a Director of the Scottish Pelagic Processors Association and is also a Director of boat builder Anderson Marine. On the Panel Chris represents the interests of processors using domestic catch.


Bertie Armstrong

Scottish Fishermen's Federation

Bertie was born and raised in Belfast and joined the Royal Navy in 1973. Specialising in sea mine counter measures and mine clearance diving, he served with the Royal Navy in many different parts of the world, including a year in the Falkland Islands and three years at the NATO southern HQ in Italy. With a strong interest in the maritime world - his last job in the RN was as Harbourmaster of Faslane naval base, Bertie joined the Scottish Fishermen's Federation as chief executive in 2005. Passionate about the welfare of all sectors of the Scottish fishing fleet, he has been a vigorous defender of the interests of the SFF's member associations, promoting the sustainable harvesting of our seas and the protection of our fragile fishing communities. Bertie has played a full part in shouldering several highly significant changes to the industry, including its recovery from the impact of fleet downsizing and the rebuilding of stocks.  Bertie is a strong advocate of the importance of fishing as a sustainable means for securing our global food future.


Martyn Boyers

British Ports Association

Martin Boyers is Chief Executive of Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises Ltd. Martyn has been involved in the seafood industry from an early age. From 1981 he ran his own fish processing business, and soon became Chairman, and then Chief Executive, of the Grimsby Fish Merchants Association Ltd. Martyn is currently Chairman of the British Ports Association, Fishing Ports Working Group and also interim President of the European Association of Fishing Ports and Auctions.


Jimmy Buchan

Scottish Seafood Association

James, better known within industry crcles as Jimmy, has had a full and varied career across different sectors of the fishing industry. Leaving school in 1976, he started a career at sea and was Skipper and vessel owner within 10 years. Having fished the North Sea for most of his career, in both Whitefish and latterly in the Nephrops sector, he also has experience starting and managing seafood supply service to a national food service company. He served as a board member and Chairman of the Scottish Fishermen's Organisation and the board of the Peterhead Port Authority. As of 2017, Jimmy has taken on a new role at the Scottish Seafood Association.


Robert Duthie


Robert Duthie has 38 years of experience in the fishing industry, having joined his family's fish selling business in 1974. In 1996, Robert was appointed Director of Denholm Seafoods. He went onto Become Managing Director in 2007. Robert has worked extensively in different seafood sectors, including fishing vessel management and marketing of shellfish. His main activities are in the pelagic sector, in the fields of marketing and production.


Jim Evans

Welsh Interests

Jim Evans is a second generation fisherman who began his activities within the static gear inshore sector, targeting mainly crustaceans. In 2003, he began his own fishing business within the same sector. He has been a member and port representative of the Cardigan Bay Fishermen's Association (CBFA) for nine years, and was elected Chairman of the CBFA in October 2010. Together with fellow Association Chairs within Wales, Jim founded the Welsh Fishermen's Association - Cymdeithas Pysgotwyr Cymru Ltd in June 2011.  He currently holds the position of Chairman within the WFA-CPC.


David Jarrad

Shellfish Association of Great Britain

David Jarrad is the CEO of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain. He is an independent shellfish consultant, and Managing Director of River Exe Shellfish Farms. David has had over 25 years practical experience operating his own shellfish farming operation in the environmentally sensitive Exe Estuary, producing Pacific Oysters, Mussels and Manila Clams. He has also run his own seafood restaurant at another oyster farm he owned and operated, as well as operating oyster bars at a number of sporting events and shows. His contacts with the shellfish world, both in the UK and further afield are extensive and invaluable.


Sheila Keith

Shetland interests

Sheila joined the Shetland Fishermen's Association in June 2017 as Policy Officer.  Although new to her role she has experience of working in inshore fisheries management, quota management and seafood financial support having previously spent 15 years in an economic development role within the local authority.  She is a supporter of ensuring the sustainability of fisheries activities and their valuable input into the rural economy.   Sheila represents the interests of the Shetland seafood industry on the Panel.


Kevin McDonell

Scottish Association of Fish Producers Organisations´╗┐

Kevin has worked in the fishing industry since he left school. He spent a short time working aboard prawn trawlers out of Mallaig, before taking a job with Denholm Fishselling Ltd, where he worked for 17 years undertaking all aspects of the business, from vessel management to fish selling in the company's various offices around the coast. Since 2008, Kevin has been employed as Chief Executive of the West of Scotland Fish Producers Organisation (WSFPO) and he is the current chairman of the Scottish Association of Fish Producers Organisations (SAFPO).


Jerry Percy

Inshore/Small Boat

Since starting as a lobster fisherman in the Hebrides, Jerry has amassed over 40 years' experience in inshore fisheries. After a long and successful fishing career, he became General Manager of the first real time electronic fish auction in England & Wales and was Managing Director of his own fish processing company in Milford Haven. Since then Jerry has been Deputy Director of the South Wales Sea Fisheries Committee, Chief Executive of the Welsh Federation of Fishermen's Associations and Chief Executive of the New Under Ten Fishermen's Association. He is currently Executive Director of the Low Impact Fishers of Europe organisation (LIFE).


Dale Rodmell

National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations

Dale Rodmell is Assistant Chief Executive of the National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations.  He has an academic background in fisheries, environmental and resource sciences and has previously worked in an seafood sector support role under the Yorkshire and Humber Seafood Group.  Prior to becoming involved in the domestic seafood sector, he worked in a range of international development roles covering marine and terrestrial natural resource management and food security.

Paul Trebilcock

UK Association of Fish Producer Organisations

Biography to follow.


For more information about the Domestic and Export Sector Panel, please contact Simon Potten.