About Seafish

At Seafish, our purpose is to secure a sustainable and profitable future for the UK seafood industry.

Our structure

Seafish consists of three divisions, each led by an Executive Director, with the Chief Executive, Paul Williams, having overall accountability for Seafish.

UK policy

As a levy body, Seafish represents the UK seafood industry.

Corporate Plan

We have started the process of formulating our next Corporate Plan, which will run from 2015 through to 2018.

Levy and funding

Seafish is funded by a levy on the first sale of seafood products in the UK, including imported seafood.

Annual reports

Every year, the Seafish executive team compiles an annual report to present to parliament.

Who we are

Seafish is a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) set up by the Fisheries Act 1981 to improve efficiency and raise standards across the seafood industry.

What we do

Balancing the needs of everybody involved in the UK seafood industry is a complex task, and one that involves taking on a range of responsibilities.


In this section we will display any invitation to tender that Seafish has issued.


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The following are a range of seafood industry-related publications produced by the Marketing and Communications team at Seafish.

News and events

The global seafood industry is dynamic. News stories reveal advances in the industry every week, and events take place across the world all year round.


The most recent survey data reveals that fewer than one in three Britons consumes the recommended two or more portions of seafood a week, and that just over half (52%) of our population is aware of the government’s recommendation to consume seafood at least twice a week for optimum health.