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Code of Practice on the Declaration of Fish Content in Fish Products

UK Association of Frozen Food Producers, BFFF, BRC, BHA, Seafish, LOCTS, Association of Public Analy

This code covers the labelling and declaration of fish content with respect to the Food Safety Act 1990, the Food Labelling Regulations 1996, particularly with reference to quantitative ingredient declarations (QUID), and the Trade Descriptions Act 1968. The code describes fish blocks, minced fish, fish cakes and scampi products, and relates nitrogen factors to fish content.

March 1998Download PDF

Fish is the Dish

Heather Middleton

The Fish is the Dish initiative was designed as a hard-working digital campaign to showcase to families that seafood is a healthy, quick and easy choice to feed the family. Since its launch in October 2011 it has enjoyed increased success year-on-year with growing communities and heightened digital presence..

May 2015Download PDF

Fish Smoking


This open learning module deals with the principles and methods used to smoke fish and shellfish. Available as a series of downloadable chapters from the Seafood Training Academy. A range of additional information including a free to access elearning programme on seafood smoking is available from the Seafood Training Academy's webpage on smoking hyperlink for the text webpage on smoking

December 1986N/A

A Summary of the Organic Fish Market

Seafish Market Insight

The organic fish market is worth £11million a 39% increase from 2005. • This equates to approximately 697 tonnes of fish in the last year. • 933,210 households have purchased organic fish this year an increase from 785,861 last year, this is an additional 147,349 households. • On average the organic fish consumer purchase around 3 times a year

2007Download PDF

Fish content and QUID

Mike Mitchell, Michaela Archer

The fish content of fishery products is important to manage and monitor given that food manufactureres have legal obligations relating to the quantities of ingredients use din the manufacture or preparation of food. This factsheet provides an overview of fish content including; fish composition, testing analytical fish content, calculating analytical fish content, nitrogen factor, analytical indicators of low fish content products and QUID. It also provides practical advice to seafood buyers.

July 2016Download PDF