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Economic Impact Assessment and Alternative Options Appraisal of European Commission Proposals for Specific Conditions to Fishing for Deep Sea Fish Stocks

SC Mangi, A Kenny, L Readdy, P Posen and A Santos

July 2014Download PDF

Seafish Fleet Economic Performance Estimates May 2014

John Anderson, Steven Lawrence

The Seafish Fleet Economic Performance Estimates provide a detailed insight into the financial and operational performance of the fleet from 2005 to 2012 along with estimates for 2013. The dataset includes data for approximately 30 UK fleet segments, and has been produced by combining costs and earnings information collected from vessel accounts with transversal data provided by the Marine Management Organisation. The information presented in this publication is a comprehensive and accurate reflection of the financial performance of the UK fishing fleet and is used by a wide range of people across industry, government and academia. We hope that availability of accurate economic data and expert analysis of fleet performance will be used to enhance fisheries management and benefit the UK fleet in the long-run especially now as we move toward the Landings Obligation.

May 2014Download XLSX

A case study review of the potential impact of proposed CFP discard reform. Poseidon report to Seafish UK, 2013

Cappell, R & Macfadyen, G

The reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) introduces a landing obligation to eliminate discarding. The objective of this research, was to determine the potential economic implications of this discards ban on selected case study UK fleets through establishing a) how would the landing obligation affect fleet economic performance, b) at fleet level, and given current discards, what would the quota requirements amount to, and c) identify any ‘choke’ species that could limit operations of the fleet. The report highlights two key aspects of the landings obligation: the restricting effect of so-called “choke” species, and a lack of clarity surrounding the permitted flexibilities contained within the legislation. The results confirm what we already thought: much work remains to be done in order to ensure that we have a fishing fleet which operates sustainably, profitably and in line with the recently agreed landings obligation.

January 2014Download PDF

Seafish fleet economic performance dataset

Curtis H, Anderson J, Metz S

This dataset contains financial, economic and operational performance indicators for approximately 30 UK fleet segments for the period 2005-2012. Seafish produces the dataset by combining costs and earnings information from vessel accounts provide by vessel owners to the annual Seafish UK Fleet Survey with official effort, landings and capacity data for all active UK fishing vessels provided by the UK Marine Management Organisation (MMO). The outputs for all years are produced using a consistent methodology and fleet segmentation criteria so that trends in key indicators can be observed over time. Note that vessels can be in different segments in different years if they change their gear, area or target species.

March 2013Download XLSX

2010 Economic survey of the UK Fishing Fleet

John Anderson, Hazel Curtis

A comprehensive and detailed analysis of UK fleet financial performance in 2010 .

October 2012Download PDF