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Utilisation in 2014 of the Quota Exchange and Access Entitlement in the EU Faroe Bi-lateral Agreement

Jennifer Russell, Hazel Curtis

An analysis of the fish catching activity enabled by the EU Faroe Bi-lateral Agreement in 2014 has been undertaken. Uptake by UK fishing vessels of the quota available through the exchange element of the agreement and uptake of the opportunity to fish for UK held quota in Faroese waters was analysed. Uptake by vessels from the rest of the EU and where possible the uptake by Faroese vessels is also included. Interviews were undertaken with UK pelagic industry representatives on the impact of the agreement on their sector. The analysis was requested by the Seafish Pelagic Industry Issues Group.

November 2015Download PDF

Comparing Industry Sector Values, With a Case Study of Commercial Fishing and Recreational Sea Angling

Rob Tinch

This report evaluates and recommends different economic analysis methods for comparing the value of industry sectors and informing policy questions about allocation of resources to achieve efficiency or fairness of distribution.

July 2015Download PDF

Landing Obligation Economic Impact Assessment (EIA). Interim Report Two: Scenario Analysis

Jennifer Russell, Simon Mardle, Hazel Curtis

This report includes comparisons of the relative effects of policy levers on the economic impact of the landing obligation on six UK key fleet segments

July 2015Download PDF

2014 UK Seafood Processing Industry Report - Data Tables

Tsvetina Yordanova, Kirsten Milliken

The present workbook contains data tables and additional analysis supplementing the 2014 UK Seafood Processing Industry Report (PDF).

May 2015Download XLSX

2014 UK Seafood Processing Industry Report

Tsvetina Yordanova, Kirsten Milliken, Anne Cameron, Hazel Curtis

The fish processing industry has a long-standing tradition and is of key importance to regional UK economies. This report presents an overview and detailed analysis of the fish processing industry with particular emphasis on the sea fish processing sector. The analyses contained in this report utilise the latest UK seafood processing industry information, which is gathered and managed by Seafish Economics, namely 2014 Census data, 2012 Financial Survey data and qualitative research data gathered in late 2014 – early 2015.

May 2015Download PDF