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Effects of electrofishing for Ensis spp. on benthic macrofauna, epifauna and fish species. SR652

Woolmer A, Maxwell E, Lart W

This report summarises the results of experimental work carried out as part of “Design and Trials of Electrofishing System for Razorclams – FIFG 57437 and Seafish IPF funding project C85”. The aim of the project was to design and trial methods of harvesting Ensis spp. using electrical stimulus with the intention of providing a more environmentally benign alternative to existing hydraulic and toothed dredges. The results of this study demonstrate that the effects of electrofishing gear employing relatively low DC voltage and amperage can be effectively used in the harvest of Ensis spp. without serious negative effects on the epifaunal and macrofaunal benthic community.

November 2011Download PDF

An investigation into the information requirements of businesses sourcing sustainable seafood

W. Lart (Editor)

The results of a survey of personnel responsible for sourcing seafood in the processing, retailing and restaurant sectors will be used in the development of the Seafish responsible sourcing guides.

December 2010Download PDF

Sail Power (Part II)

Richard Caslake

This reports the development and testing a means of integrating sail power for use on commercial fishing vessels. This report is part two of the Seafish report SR630 and describes work carried out on the construction, deployment and testing of an innovative foresail on a 21 meter commercial fishing vessel, the MFV Nova Spero (CN 187). The sail was initially tested during instrumented sea trials in Mounts Bay in Cornwall and subsequently deployed during three commercial Tuna trips to the Bay of Biscay. This report includes details of the: • Construction and fitting of the Forestay and Foresail • Initial seal trials • Modifications made to the foresail and rigging • Results of instrumented sail performance trials • Commercial trials results • Future developments

November 2010Download PDF

Defining free of flesh shell

Andrew FitzGerald

In preparation for a review of the ABPR this report provides the results of trials to define free of flesh shell.

September 2010Download PDF

SIPF0093 Innovative Shellfish System for High Energy Conditions (B080).l

J H Brown, Solway Marine Oysters

A collaborative project was set up to monitor the performance of a new oyster growing system in a high energy environment, the Solway coastline, to investigate the performance of the system and to monitor any environmental changes that might be associated with its placement. The project suffered from serious losses of experimental trials and available growth data that is limited. Solway Marine Oysters have learnt a great deal about how to manage the system and there are indicationsfrom the data that regular sorting and redistribution of the oysters to optimize their size. The oysters produced are of good shape and free of any epibionts. A measurable change in the sediment and fauna associated with the location of the line was detected but whether this was due to the presence of the fixing posts, the growing bags themselves or other changes is not certain. Changes in the fauna were most likely related to the slight changes in the sediment present. The value of thetraining opportunity to one of the Solway Marine Oysters staff is acknowledged and there is an ongoing cooperation between the company and BST Ltd to further improve the operation of the system.

September 2010Download PDF